BullsEye CX Live
  • Team Building & Training
  • Certification Courses
  • Executive Seminars

BullsEye CX LIVE is a highly interactive and practical education service that empowers your teams to make smarter decisions and build a customer centric culture. BullsEye CX LIVE caters to all levels within your organisation structure to build a culture of providing excellent service quality, customer centricity and leveraging key insights for smart decision making.

BullsEye CX LIVE’s workshops and short courses are thought provoking, challenging, and motivates executives to question how they build their customer intelligence strategy.

The gem in the Bullseye CX LIVE suite is the Certification Course in Customer Intelligence. This six-course program extracts the best practices of high performing business to empower executives with modern tools to build and capitalise on customer intelligence. Bullseye CX LIVE programs consist of both face-to-face sessions and online training courses to ensure the best use of your teams’ time.

BullsEye CX LIVE can help your organisation enhance competencies in:

  • Customer Journey; identifying Pain Points and Moments to Delight
  • Measuring Service Quality at the Front Line
  • Identifying and Resolving Service Quality Gaps
  • Innovating by Using Voice of Customer
  • Profiting from Service Recovery
  • Understanding and Applying Data for Customer Retention
  • Developing a Customer Intelligence Strategy
  • Bespoke Workshops, Networking Events, Key Note Sessions


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