BullsEye CX Insight
  • Data Analytics
  • Smart Planning
  • CRM Integration

BullsEye CX INSIGHT is a dynamic data analytics service that brings together both, structured and unstructured data points to deliver actionable insights.

By analysing data across all your organisation’s accessible customer touchpoints, BullsEye CX INSIGHT identifies various patterns and trends in customer behaviour. Our actionable insights can help your teams create customer engagement strategies and promotions that will build customer retention, enhance their experience and deliver greater LTV.

Using advanced data modelling, we can help test various hypotheses and conduct A/B testing to deliver data supported strategies that will yield measurable results to your top-line growth. Our 3 core values: Validity, Accuracy and Timeliness drive our data teams to bring high quality business intelligence to your organisation.

BullsEye CX INSIGHT can help your organisation with:

  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Customer Segmentation
  • Heat Mapping and Data Visualisation
  • Predictive Modelling
  • CRM Optimisation
  • Text Analytics


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