BullsEye CX Service Blueprinting
  • Club Staff Member Action Service Mapping
  • Staff Action Sequencing
  • Documentation on Service Prerequisites

BullsEye CX’s Customer Service Blueprinting was created to cater to the need to enable Clubs to match service actions to member actions. It is a process that feeds of Customer Journey Mapping, to assign a series of actions that staff must take, at the front-end (customer-facing), backend, as well as identifying and assigning the appropriate support systems to ensure that the relevant teams have all the necessary resources to provide excellent service.

Our teams work with the operational teams at your organisation to identify each action and document the same in a visual representation, which enables key decision makers to fully comprehend the prerequisites of providing excellent service at each opportunity. BullsEye CX’s Service Blueprinting goes a step further, by creating a list of tangible elements that help augment the service. These tangible elements, or physical evidence, are key to setting the perfect atmosphere for service delivery.

Service Blueprinting is an excellent tool for Clubs to actively seek out opportunities to improve service quality, upsell and cross sell services and give their members an amazing experience every time they visit.

The Service Blueprinting service compliments BullsEye CX’s Membership Lifecycle Management. Using the findings of the Customer Journey Mapping process, Service Blueprinting aims to address each member touchpoint with a set of predefined staff actions to ensure the smooth delivery of excellent service.

BullsEye CX can help your organisation with:

  • Member Stage Mapping
  • Communications Plans
  • CRM Strategies
  • Customer Journey Mapping

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