BullsEye CX Membership Lifecycle Management
  • Member Lifecycle Extension
  • Stage-based Club-Member Communications
  • Customer Relationship Management Plan
  • Life-time Value (LTV) Enhancement Through Member Retention

BullsEye CX’s Membership Lifecycle Management (MLM) is a service developed specifically for Clubs and Gaming venues, with the aim of driving growth through member retention.

Using a highly collaborative approach, BullsEye CX’s experts work closely with the sales and marketing team at your organisation to fully understand your existing membership base and analyse your member data. Having developed a model for membership categorisation, BullsEye CX’s team will categorise members based on various parameters to determine their trajectory on the membership lifecycle.

BullsEye CX has identified that a leading cause for the stagnation of growth is that MLM is often overlooked as a strategic objective. This leads to various outcomes, from high-membership churns to the poor allocation of resources, that affect both revenue and profit.

Listed below are a few leading causes of suboptimal performance for Clubs and Gaming venues:

  • A belief that medium to high membership churn is normal and acceptable
  • A poor understanding of what level of membership churn is acceptable
  • An assumption that simply onboarding new members will lead to increased revenue
  • A belief that operations and marketing are mutually exclusive functions
  • The fear of embracing change and incorporating new technologies
  • The expectation that new technologies will be expensive and complicated to implement and manage
  • Underutilisation of data that is being captured by POS and gaming systems across the property

Our approach to Membership Lifecycle Management uses a range of processes that enable Clubs to communicate better with their existing members. Sending the right message, at the right time, to the right member can help make a significant emotional connection and drive member-club affinity. Our experts go further to continually monitor the lifecycle and identify opportunities, weaknesses and threats.

By integrating CRM, the Loyalty Program, Service Blueprinting, Customer Journey Mapping and Data Analytics into the MLM strategy, our teams deliver an overall guiding strategy to help Clubs drive growth. BullsEye CX helps Clubs identify and prioritise actions for the various stages, budgeted and contextualised to the specific characteristics of the Club. Additionally, detailed analyses of individual members enable the creation of emotionally intelligent communications that match the behaviour and characteristics of the member, to enhance receptivity and on-going engagement.

BullsEye CX can help your organisation with:

  • Member Stage Mapping
  • Current Lifecycle Analyses
  • Communications Plans
  • CRM Strategies
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Service Blueprinting

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What is Membership Lifecycle Management?

MLM is the process of establishing a set of guidelines and mechanisms that define the activities that will occur in each stage of membership lifecycle. This helps enhance the level of accountability of each team involved across various touchpoints of the membership lifecycle, by clearly defining roles and establishing procedures.

Stages of the Membership Lifecycle

BullsEye CX breaks down the membership lifecycle into 4 distinct categories of members. These are: Regular Members, High Value Members, Inactive Members and Lost Members. Each of these 4 categories consists of 3 stages, which identify key moments of communication to cater to the members’ individual trajectory/stage in the membership lifecycle.

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