BullsEye CX Customer Journey Mapping
  • Key Customer Touchpoint Identification
  • Visual Representations
  • Alternative Journey Identification
  • A/B Testing
  • Journey Streamlining & Optimisation

BullsEye CX’s Customer Journey Mapping service was designed with the goal of understanding all the possible paths a customer might take in order to achieve their goal. This process, of journey mapping is particularly useful for Clubs and Gaming venues, as it identifies and highlights the key touchpoints a member might encounter, in any given situation, while visiting the Club. Understanding the customer journey sheds lights on member behaviour at a Club and enables Clubs to optimise the various journeys to offer their members a better customer experience.

BullsEye CX’s team is highly adept at identifying customer journeys in collaboration with both the marketing and operational teams, to visually represent the various steps a member follows while visiting the Club. Using a unique approach to customer journey mapping, BullsEye CX is able to help Clubs optimise these journeys by eliminating unnecessary hurdles that might impede members from having a satisfactory or delightful experience at the venue.

Our teams work with the marketing team at your organisation to help draw out customer journeys for new services that the Club is preparing to offer. This process allows key personnel at the Club to emulate the potential journeys that members would have and hence, refine the journeys to provide members with the best experience from the instant the service is launched.

Customer Journey Mapping is a key requirement for good Membership Lifecycle Management and is also a prerequisite for BullsEye CX’s Service
Blueprinting. It is a key building block for the provision of excellent customer service at any Club.

BullsEye CX can help your organisation with:

  • Member Stage Mapping
  • Current Lifecycle Analyses
  • Communications Plans
  • CRM Strategies
  • Service Blueprinting

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