BullsEye CX CRM As A Service
  • Enhanced Segmentation
  • Communication Automation Workflows
  • Detailed Customer Insights
  • Single Source of Truth

BullsEye CX’s CRM As A Service (CRMAAS) is a unique approach to enabling high performance Customer Relationship Management for Clubs and Gaming venues.

Using tried and tested processes, robust technologies and highly skilled personnel, BullsEye CX’s CRM As A Service brings tremendous value to Clubs.

Our CRMAAS model breaks down several barriers that dissuade Clubs from adopting a good CRM system. By offering a cloud-based subscription model,
using a platform that has been handpicked for scalability, efficiency and ease-of-use, BullsEye CX extends a highly customisable CRM system that is fine tuned for each individual organisation. This removes all the guess work Clubs face when setting up a CRM solution, as well as eliminates the capital investment required for various licenses and hardware/software requirements.

We’ve identified major barriers that Clubs face – when adopting a CRM system. These include barriers that prevent Clubs from implementing a solution, as well as those which lead to significant inefficiencies and poor performance, post-implementation. These include:

  • High Capital Requirement
  • Heavy Technology Focus as Opposed to Process Focus
  • Lack Appropriate Resources to Drive CRM Capability
  • Lack of Clear Starting Point for CRM Implementation
  • Underutilisation of CRM

BullsEye CX’s CRMAAS removes all these barriers and enables your team to focus on growth strategies and innovative campaigns.

What makes BullsEye CX’s Customer Relationship Management As A Service even more unique is that with each subscriptions to the service, Clubs gain
access not only to the CRM technology, but also to industry best-practices for CRM and BullsEye CX’s experience to help maximise the efficiencies
gained from the CRM implementation. Depending on the level of service your organisation requires, BullsEye CX will assign a dedicated resource to help drive your Club’s CRM capability, thus eliminating the need to burden your teams with a new technology. Our teams work closely with the marketing, sales and operational teams at your Club so that marketing campaigns, insightful reporting, data analysis and marketing automations run effectively and efficiently.

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What is CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a set of processes, that when combined enable Clubs to gain a unified view of all Club-member interactions at a granular level. It helps augment the membership lifecycle by providing critical insights into individual member behaviour and target members with highly relevant, emotional communications.

Functions of CRM

Data Centralisation

BullsEye CX’s CRM system works as a “single source of truth” for Clubs, where it captures data from all the relevant systems (Gaming, POS, Digital Marketing, amongst others) and creates a single, comprehensive database, which organises data by members – in order to build a complete picture of each member, their preferences, associated patterns in behaviour and much more.

Workflow Automation

BullsEye CX’s CRM system enables the configuration of automated workflows. Members can be segmented based on various criteria, and these lists update automatically as members meet the defined conditions. Automated workflows also enable trigger based communications that are sent out to members based on various conditions. In doing so, CRM systems enable teams to focus on creating smarter strategies based on the information it yields, by reducing the effort needed to arrive at insights.

Marketing Communications

BullsEye CX’s CRM system can be linked to the various digital channels used for communications to execute campaigns. This enables communications to be sent as integrated campaigns and the CRM system tracks engagement across individual channels as well as on a campaign level to yield true measurements of effectiveness. The CRM system can identify ‘what’ type of content and ‘which’ channels are most effective based on member segments, thereby enabling decision makers to optimise communications to yield greater ROI.

Learn more about BullsEye CX Customer Relationship Management As A Service – White Papers
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