About Us
BullsEye CX is a unique consulting company, which works with various organisations to help improve their interactions and communications with their customers. We help our clients build strong relationships with their customers to boost the customers’ LTV and improve customer experience as a whole.

BullsEye CX has strong industry experience in Australian Licensed Clubs and the Gaming Industry. We have expertise in various aspects of services within the industry, encompassing: gaming, food and beverage, loyalty programs and entertainment. Our competencies in the gaming industry include: data analytics, market research, customer experience management, customer relationship management (CRM), customer retention & strategies, loyalty programs, customer service blueprinting, change management as well as personnel training & development amongst others.

Using a 3-pronged approach, BullsEye CX provides technology for better data analytics and insights, problem solving via consultation services and helps build our clients’ internal capabilities through executive development, certifications and workshops.

BullsEye CX focusses on using data to drive valuable insight for our clients, that help them make smart and sound decisions and form strategies to improve their relationship with their customers. By working closely with the clients’ internal teams, BullsEye CX is able to identify problem areas and inefficiencies and work with the client teams to resolve issues and grow their respective businesses.

Additionally, BullsEye CX provides training and development programs tailored to each organisation to help improve their interactions with their customers. With a significant focus on improving our clients’ marketing efforts, customer experience and identifying means to grow their business, BullsEye CX aims to revolutionise the services industry.

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Key People
Brett Jones
Senior Advisor

Brett Jones is the founder of BullsEye CX.
He has a long history of working with clubs to increase revenue, boost profits and strengthen the financial stability. For over two decades, Brett has been developing and leveraging technology based solutions to achieve both operational and strategic objectives.

The core of Brett’s capabilities lies in his ability to coach people to drill down to identify the root causes of service failures and develop appropriate solutions to address those failures. He is known for forging and leading high-performance teams that deliver outstanding results under challenging circumstances. He strongly believes in the philosophy that engaging stakeholders is vital to achieving organisational goals. Additionally, Brett also has a strong track record in leading organisations through substantial organisational change.
Brett’s expertise further encompasses the design and implementation of advanced patron analytics, which he leverages to gain competitive advantage for clients. Working closely with senior management teams, he is known for devising and executing service delivery systems and key performance reporting processes. His depth of experience in the club and gaming space enables him to conceptualise and materialise effective differentiation strategies for clients in both these highly competitive industries.

Through the course of his career, Brett has been credited with the growth of gaming revenue and profitability in commercial and community gaming environments. Capitalising on his technical experience at a strategic and operational level, Brett has developed highly optimised service delivery systems for a range of service businesses. He has also designed and implemented quality assurance programs to help improve customer engagement and drive LTV. Brett has also successfully managed several organisational change management initiatives by effectively engaging internal and external stakeholders to garner buy-in and motivation for the change process. He is also known for increasing market share and brand equity through advanced member profiling to deliver better marketing strategies and build customer centricity into business ethos to drive growth and longevity.

Brett has a MBA degree from the University of Technology Sydney, with a Major in Service Delivery. He also has several qualifications in hospitality.

Manu Jain
Senior Analyst

Manu is a data scientist who has a wealth of experience in data analytics and business intelligence across various industries, including gaming. At BullsEye CX, Manu leverages his skills and expertise to build comprehensive reports and analyses that enable our clients to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Capitalising on his extensive experience, Manu works with clients to build action-driven insights that solve problems and unlock opportunities. He is an excellent public speaker and conducts training sessions in data analytics/ BI to empower our clients to make the most of their data resources. His pragmatic and logical approach of using data to answer tough business problems is an invaluable asset to the BullsEye CX team.

He completed his MBA from the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad, India and his Engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India.

Sudhir Kale
Senior Advisor

Dr. Sudhir Kale is a world-renowned expert in marketing, with an emphasis on the Gaming Industry. He is the founder of GamePlan Consultants, a leading consultancy firm in the gaming industry and an Honorary Professor of Marketing at Bond University, Australia.

Sudhir has published over sixty articles on the marketing and management aspects of gaming. His papers have been published in top research journals (including Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Applied Psychology) as well as in leading trade journals (such as IGWB, Casino Journal, E-Gaming Review, NA Casino, and Global Gaming Business). Sudhir also serves on the editorial review board of several journals in gaming, management and marketing.

Sudhir’s gaming expertise includes areas such as customer relationship management (CRM), cross-cultural interactions with casino clients, improving customer service, market segmentation and positioning, casino services marketing audit, and maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV). He has developed a comprehensive CRM model to guide implementation across a range of industries. A frequent contributor to sites such as www.urbino.net, www.igamingnews.com, and www.egamingpro.com, he has worked tirelessly to further the continuing education of gaming executives.

Sudhir has conducted over two hundred executive development seminars and workshops across four continents. He trains and consults with gaming clients on various aspects of marketing and organisational development. His client list includes billion-dollar casinos such as Mohegan Sun (USA), Sun International (S. Africa), Casinos Austria and Crown Casino (Australia), as well as the Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) and Sands Macao.

Sudhir has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from University of Poona, a Masters in Management from University of Bombay, and an M.S. in International Business and a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. An eloquent, intriguing, and sometimes provocative speaker, his views on a wide range of issues have been quoted by media the world over.

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